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WELCOME FORD ENTHUSIASTS!! This site and forum is dedicated to helping and sharing specific information among the “do it yourself” racers, regarding road-racing vintage Ford automobiles.

While I, the author have considerable racing experience, I am not a self-proclaimed expert, “I am still learning”. All opinions, tech info, helpful hints and speed secrets are welcomed.

INTRODUCTION: From the onset, it is important to have a very clear vision and goal of exactly what you are trying to accomplish and the intended use of the car. This might fall anywhere between a low-budget entry level vintage racer to an all-out front-running race car. Your desired level of performance will thereby dictate a certain level of needed high performance modifications in those areas with shortcomings. It is important to understand that the best performing cars are the ones with the best “balance” between engine horsepower, braking, suspension and driving skills. Obviously, it would do you no good to put an all-out racing engine in a poor handling car, a well-balanced car with lower horsepower will beat you every time. I would hope that this forum will identify the areas in need of improvement, while not wasting money over-engineering were not needed.

DEFINITION of a vintage roadrace car; “Generally” considered to be a 1963 thru 1969 original body/chassis, either an originally raced car or a newly reconstructed car, using period correct parts, built to conform to the competition rulebook of either SCCA or FIA of the same time period.

Keep in mind, that nowdays there is no single governing body for rule enforcement, as was the case back in the day. Nowdays, “vintage races” are conducted by many different individual car clubs across the country. While most if not all of these individual clubs “claim” that your vintage race car must conform to the original vintage rules, there is a wide variance on how individual clubs interpret the rules, or modify the original rules to fit their individual club, or to what degree they enforce the rules. The net result is; depending upon the area you live, your car may be acceptable to race at one club and deemed unacceptable at another strict club. Therefore, it is impossible to give a “definitive” answer in this forum regarding the vintage racing rules across the country. At best we can make “general” statements and give “general” answers.

The best way to determine exactly what is acceptable in your area is to be-friend a fellow Ford guy at a local club race and ask questions. If single plane manifolds, aftermarket heads, roller rockers, roller cams, stroker cranks (with a don’t ask-don’t tell policy) – are either acceptable or not, this will give you a pretty good idea of rule enforcement, or lack thereof and thereby how to set your car up to be competitive for that club’s racing.

If your goal is for vintage class racing, then the next question is; what is your desired level of performance and exactly what is needed to accomplish this goal? I hope this forum will serve as a specific design blueprint of modifications and parts required in order to obtain the desired results.

For the purpose of discussion on this forum and to help identify the design requirements of a desired level of performance, you can reference the following thread:

LEVEL 1; Entry-level, modest budget, 100% rulebook legal.

LEVEL 2; Very high-performance, aftermarket parts, stretch the rulebook.

LEVEL 3; High dollar, all-out race car, new technology, bend the rulebook.


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